Church Pews

One of the newest trends in outdoor event seating are church pews!  

Our rustic pews were salvaged from a dilapidated church in Historic Downtown Columbia, La. that dated back to the early/mid 1800s.  They are primitive in their design as they are simple pine boards, hand cut and painted.  The original nails and staples are some of the first of their type.  We have updated the stability of the pews with new deck screws to insure long lasting integrity.

Our pews rent for $25 each.  There are no minimums!!  Rent as few or as many as you would like!  We require a save the date deposit of $50 or $100 based on the number of pews rented.    We will deliver, set up and take away the pews for you!

We have four, 8ft pews and ten, 10ft pews.  This can allow seating for up to 75 guests!  Need more seating?! Just ask!  We can assist with hay bale seating, folding chairs and other creative seating ideas!

new dark brown.jpg
β€œThe best touch to a perfect outdoor wedding!!!”
— mother of the bride

Linen: To Rent or To Buy? That is the question...

I see many people online looking to buy tablecloths.  Nothing wrong with that!  Just know what you are buying.  Questions to ask: What type of material are they?  Are they machine washable or dry clean only?  As with everything in life there are pros and cons to buying and/or renting linen.  I would like to share one example of why renting has more pros than cons.

I had a lady call one day looking to rent some specialty linen.  She had gone online looking for the ever so popular "champagne gold" table cloths that everyone is gushing over these days.  She felt she had found the perfect one!  Once they, (25 tablecloths!), arrived they were definitely not "champagne gold", or at least not the gold she was expecting.  It was more of a dark yellow, though on the computer it looked like the exact color she needed.  The colors that we see on our computers and cell phones are affected by the lighting of our screens.  The color is usually lighter online than in person.  

When you rent linen from Sage Events & Design, we set up a FREE CONSULTATION where you can look through our endless combinations of color swatches.  You will be able to see the exact color of the linen and feel the different textures available.  We are then able to give you a FREE QUOTE based on the numbers of tables and chairs for your event!!!  We can even schedule a linen demo day, where you can actually see what your tables will look like with linen and decor at your specified venue!  The best part about renting linen from Sage Events & Design...we will dress your tables and chairs for you!  CONTACT US TODAY FOR YOUR FREE CONSULTATION AND QUOTE!!!